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High blood pressure causes one stroke every 2 seconds in the world - we are here to help you take control and reduce your risk of stroke

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Take conscious action and measure what’s important so you know if your lifestyle changes make a difference for you.

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Choose from 2M+ recipes, plan your meals, track progress – and most importantly:

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Your personal doctor is always there by your side to support your journey towards being in control. Just a message away.

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Know your numbers, create healthy habits & an online doctor when you need it – so you can focus on living your life

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people say about us:

“aiten helped me get a better understanding of how I can prevent high blood pressure from getting in the way of my daily life.”

Lucy Pratt

“For me, the best thing is that I know that my doctor is always there when I need him. I can just pick up my phone and he’s there.”

John Gammen

“It’s so easy to use and I really like that you have taken the time to explain things really well in a friendly way.”

Anna Eckerwall

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The Main Features

Track progress Keep track of your progress so you know if your lifestyle changes make a difference.
Reminders With easy-to-use functions for medication reminders you’ll never forget your medication ever again.
Personal doctor For your peace of mind – an online doctor to assist you whenever you need help. (PRO Feature)
Our story

Why we do this

We want to help people all over the world with high blood pressure put themselves in the drivers seat of their condition.

There are over a billion people in the world suffering from high blood pressure and it causes a stroke every two seconds. This is NOT ok! You deserve an amazing experience in taking control of your blood pressure and we are here to make it happen! Read more

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