Avocado for life!

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Avocado for life!

Avocado is not only good, it’s a real food of miracle. It has plenty of good nutrition, and it protects you against lots of diseases. Here you have 5 reasons why you should eat avocado every day!

Healthy fats – Avocado does not make you fat. But avocado has lots of monounsaturated fat and it makes you reduce hunger, remove the need for sugar and makes you eat less.

Nutritional Bomb – Avocado is a gold mind when it comes to nutritional beside monounsaturated fat. Under its green color you will find over fourteen minerals, protein, 18 essential amino acids, fibers, carotenoids, omega 3 and vitamin B, C, E, and K. We call that a party!
Also, you will find a lot of fibers that are incredibly important when it comes to having a functioning digestion.

Protects against diseases – In addition to that avocado gives longer saturation and plenty of nutrition, avocados also protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer and brain diseases. Avocado can also help lower LDL and raise your good HDL cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and keep inflammation away.

Protect your skin and eyes – Carotenoids are found in avocado and it said that it could slow down age-related visual changes. Cheaper than reading glasses, and much tastier. Avocados also contain substances that protect the skin from oxidative UV damage and keep the skin lean and healthy. More avocado face masks to the people!

Reduce the risk of cancer – Glutathione, xanthophyll lutein and several different phytochemicals are found in avocados and they can reduce the risk of cancer. And the research shows that avocado reduces the risk of both breast and prostate cancer.


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