Lingonberry – the super berry

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Lingonberry – the super berry

Berries are one of the best ways to get a big variety of essential vitamins and works wonders for your body in many certain ways. Lingonberry, also known as cowberry, is one that comes highly recommended. The berry is quite underrated; lingonberry usually has everything associated with jams that you eat for popular dishes, but unfortunately, that jam often contains a lot of sugar. Instead, try to make it a habit to eat lingonberries as they are. Try having your berries blended into a nice tasty smoothie as your morning routine!

Science likes lingonberry

Like the related berries such as ​​cranberries and blueberries, lingonberries are packed with flavonoids and antioxidants, and research has found that lingonberries contain more flavonoids than many other of its kind. Consuming a lot of antioxidants is, among other things, good for the immune system. The berry has also traditionally been used to reduce inflammation, something that studies and research have also established.

Stable blood sugar

The study conducted by obesity and diabetes researcher Karin Berger and Lovisa Heyman-Lindén, Ph.D. in biomedicine, shows, among other things, that lingonberries provide more stable blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels, slow down weight gain, prevent obesity and relieve inflammation. Benefits believed to be related to the berry’s high content of polyphenols.

Excellent for urinary tract infection

It has long been known that cranberries can relieve urinary tract infection, but what many do not know is that even lingonberries can work at least as well. A study from 2001 with 150 female patients established that a single drink of cranberries and lingonberries can attenuate urinary tract infection.

Protects against many diseases

According to figures from the National Food Agency, the berry contains among other things the antioxidants vitamin C as well as vitamin K and folate. But also, potassium, vitamin E, manganese and fiber that can help counteract high levels of bad cholesterol LDL – a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Lingonberry has also been shown to be able to help prevent the onset of certain cancers.

Great effect on weight

But the health benefits of lingonberries do not end there. A 2014 study showed that lingonberry can have a greater effect on weight than, for example, imported acai and goji berries.

Long durability

Lingonberry contains the natural preservative benzoic acid. The berry is thus equipped with a natural preservative which means that we do not have to add extra preservatives when preparing jam and juice. And the durability is also long even with a small amount of sugar.


This berry contains many necessary things that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Lingonberry can be a little sour but Is seldom used stand alone. Mix it up and be creative, the flavor is amazing and provides you everything mentioned above. A real powerhouse to help you achieve your dietary goal.

I will personally implement lingonberry into my morning routine and check if I can see a physiological change in my body after a couple of weeks. Join me!


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