Ginger is your best friend!

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Ginger and a ginger shot

Ginger is your best friend!

Everybody says that ginger is your bodies best friend. If you are eating ginger every day your heart, brain, stomach and joints will start to love you.  Here is fem reason why you should eat ginger:

Your stomach LOVES ginger
If you feel nauseous try chew on a piece of ginger. Ginger can reduce gas formation in your stomach and help you regain good balance.

Ginger makes you healthy – Ginger prevents and relieves colds and it contains lots of antioxidants. Another good thing is that it acts anti-inflammatory. The best thing you can do is to eat ginger regularly so start making smoothies, juice, soup or just tear down ginger over your food.

Ginger ❤ Heart – Ginger increases the blood flow throughout your body and helps you get a lower cholesterol. It even prevents high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Good in every way! ❤

Migraine disappears from eating ginger – If you want to get rid of your migraine you should eat a piece of raw ginger or drink a cup of strong ginger tea. As we mentioned before ginger alleviates nausea and also prevents inflammatory substances in the brain’s blood vessels.

Get slim with Ginger – Ginger helps your digestion! According to a study by Columbia University you burn 43 more calories if you add a teaspoon of ginger to your breakfast juice. But don’t forget to exercise now and then if you want to be slim or more healthy. ?


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