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Celery smoothie

8 reasons to eat celery!

Celery is a fantastic vegetable, known for its many uses in the kitchen and alternative medicine. Its aroma and flavor make it an excellent fit in salads, soups, and other recipes. Celery has low-calorie content and high nutritional value, which contributes to better health and weight loss. These are just some of the reasons to …

To salt, or not to salt?

The importance of salt for hypertension is controversial, but eating less salt is usually included in the dietary advice to lower one’s high blood pressure. Most likely, the effect of reduced salt intake varies between different people, being most important in elderly people or people with heredity for high blood pressure. Generally speaking, an adult …

healthy foods for your blood pressure

10 Great Foods for high blood pressure

There is just so much to learn when you get high blood pressure. What to eat is a big part of it. Here’s a list of foods that are really good for your blood pressure and also really tasty. As you try these, remember to measure your pressure – so you know if it works …