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Lack of time is a big factor in today’s society when it comes to cooking and food inspiration so we have created an app where we help you answer the question – “what should we have for dinner?”.

With our over 2 million recipes you will find food that contains good fat quality, lots of dietary fibre, important minerals and of course tasting fabulous.

How to use the app?
The app itself is very simple and easy to navigate and you start by filling in your allergies and eating habits, so that you only get food tailored to your needs. If you need to change something from your previous choices, you can easily press the gear button in the upper corner and change your settings.

The app has two main functions:
“Build a meal plan” and “Find something to cook”.
In both you can search for different kinds of dishes, ingredients or countries and then the app will look for recipes based on your keywords. If you like a recipe you can use “Build a meal plan” and click on the plus button in the right corner.
When you’re done you automatically get a shopping list with all the ingredients and easily check off your purchased groceries from the list.

Vision of the future
In the future, we will further develop the app with new features for an even better user experience – all the while keeping everything easy to use. We will complete the function “Let chef pick” where we offer weekly menus based on different types of allergies and diets.  With this service we hope to facilitate your everyday life with the help of planned menus and you don’t need to worry about what to eat on a daily basis.

More exciting updates are on the way so keep an eye out!



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