How do I know my blood pressure is high?

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How do I know my blood pressure is high?

A question I often get from my hypertension patients is “How do I know when my blood pressure is high?”. Simple answer is, I don’t know, and you won’t either (without doing a reading).

It is a common myth that elevated blood pressure causes nausea, headaches and nose bleeds. High blood pressure sometimes causes these symptoms, in a rare but dangerous medical emergency called hypertensive crisis (more on that in a post to come).

Other symptoms related symptoms are dizziness, facial flushes and blood spots in the eyes. The last two are not caused by it, but seen more often in people with hypertension and are mostly harmless.
Dizziness is not a sign of high blood pressure either, but could in a worst case scenario be sign of a stroke – and by now you know that blood pressure is a major risk factor for stroke.

If you are feeling unwell with one or more of the symptoms above, contact a healthcare professional. Especially if your blood pressure readings are higher than usual.

Know your numbers! Keep track of your normal blood pressure levels.

Take care,
Dr. Ida


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